Saturday, January 15, 2011

trade ryan miller?

gotta love some of the blogs complaining about ryan miller...sure, he's not having a vezina-like season, but he's been solid and has come back strong after an inauspicious/injury-plagued start to the season...

many of the posters on various blogs point to his stats post-lockout and boldly state that, outside of last year's vezina-winning campaign, miller is average, overpaid and should be traded...

one of the "greatest" trades had ryan miller going to detroit for goaltender jimmy howard and a couple of other red wings not named datsuk, zetterberg, franzen or even abdelkader...the thought being that howard is as good as miller and is cheaper and that the sabres should "sell high"...

and it's based strictly on goalie stats not taking in consideration the team that's in front of either let's look at the stats for this season, starting with the teams (which the arm-chair gm's fail to mention):

the team breakdown goes like of right now:
  • detroit record, 27-11-6...buffalo, 19-19-5
  • detroit, points percentage, .682 (2nd in the league)...buffalo, .500 (tied, 23rd)
  • detroit goals/game, 3.39 (2nd)...buffalo, 2.65 (19th)
  • detroit goals against/game, 2.82 (18th)...buffalo, 2.93 (20th)
as for the starting goalies?
  • jimmy howard has a record of 22-7-3...ryan miller is 17-13-4
  • howard has two shutouts...miller, three
  • howard's gaa is 2.83...miller's is 2.64
  • howard's save percentage is .906...miller's is .912

no, guys, it has nothing to do with the team in front of goalies...

i guess many still can't get over dominik hasek and will forever compare any sabres goalie to him

my senitiments, exactly, "dominator"

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