Monday, January 24, 2011

the darcy regier/craig rivet conversation ; )

darcy regier:  so, did dinner go with nabby (evgeni nabokov)?

craig rivet:  dinner?

dr: know, when we were in san jose'

cr:  oh, yeah...ummmm...he said hi, how's it going?

dr:  that's all?

cr:  uh...well, he did ask me how the steak was and whether or not i was gonna have dessert

dr:  anything else

cr:  yeah...of course...he asked me how the wife and kids were

dr:  look, craig, i know that things haven't worked out all that well this season, but i have alot of  respect for the way you've handled yourself this season...a true proffesional

cr:  ummm, darce? butt hurts from riding the pine?

dr:  yeah, i know the feeling...i can't seem to get off of my ass to get things done...unfortunately, new ownership, through my boss, has been bagging on me because they see an opportunity here to upgrade the team and...

cr:  you gonna make lindy play me?

dr:  ummm, sorry craig, that's not what i had in mind

cr:  (dissappointment envelopes the vet) " what did you have in mind, darce?

dr:  if the isles waive nabokov, and we have the opportunity to claim him, we're gonna do that

cr:  he doesn't want to come to buffalo...nobody does, unless they have to...and even then it takes months to get over the depression

dr:  you didn't say anything to him over dinner, did you?

cr:  (with a cheshire grin)...i told him the steak was cooked perfectly and that we shoulda went with a cab instead of merlot (smiles)

dr:  (grunts)...but you like it here, right?...i was tough, but the place grows on you, right?

cr:  ummm, yeah, kinda...the wife and kids are ok with sure you can't convince lindy to play me?

dr:  craig, this is very important...i want to put you in a position to play...for a contender

cr:  i thought you said we were a contender

dr:  early-year pr-blather...try to follow me, will you?

cr:  (snickers)...two top-twenty centers (snickers)

dr:  stop that, craig...this is important

cr:  cup-contender (snickers)

dr:  craig!?

cr:  all right, allright...go ahead

dr:  if (garth) snow puts nabby on waivers, and it comes to us, we're gonna claim him

cr:  but he doesn't want to play here and he'll just not report like he did with the isles

dr:  i know, good possibility, but that's where i need you

cr:  me?

dr:  yeah, you

cr:  what do you want me to do

dr:'s the deal...were gonna claim nabby...

cr:  i'm tellin' ya, he's not gonna report

dr:  this is what you're gonna tell him

cr:  i'm gonna tell him?

dr:'re gonna tell him...tell him we're gonna give him three or four games in february to showcase him to the contenders and get him into nhl game-shape...we as a team should be able to snag a win or two in the process

cr: hmmmm...yeah...that could work...i guess...what about lalime?

dr:  not your concern, although, if you must know, you, he and buts can talk strategy...or american idol...or whatever you want to in the press box...

cr:  i don't think millsey will be know?...he likes patty on the bench....

dr:  yeah, in know...i really don't want to hurt his feelings, but he'll need to take one for the team...he'll get over it

cr:  so, you want me to convince my buddy to come to buffalo...basically want me to ruin our friendship...

dr:  stop that!

cr:  ...and if i do?...what's in it for me?...a new seat cushion?

dr:  well, craig...the plan is this...first and foremost, i gotta get a return for nabby...there are two teams that could use a goalie at that price--detroit and philadelphia...i plan on getting them in a bidding war...

cr:  but what about me?...can i go too?

dr:  not sure...i'll try, but both don't have much cap know you make $3.5m, right?

cr:  hey...that's what you bargained for with the trade

dr:  (big sigh)...ok listen...those two are first on my list...if i can swing somethin' with them where you can go too, fine...if not, i have a back-up plan

cr:  hmmmm...a back-up plan?...really?...(sarcastically) like in july, 2007?

dr:  that's not funny, craig

cr:  (snickers)

dr:  anyhow, san jose' could use a goalie

cr: i really liked it there....(lightbulb comes on in his head)...hey!!! and nabby back in san jose!...can we bring griersy along?

dr:  you're complicating things, craig...anyhow, don't get your hopes up with the sharks

cr:  but i really, reallllllllyyyy liked it there

dr:  i know, you've mentioned it a billion times...anyhow...ummm...where was i?...oh yeah...detroit, philadelphia, san jose' and possibly colorado

cr:  colorado?...denver's awesome

dr:  yup...but nothin'll happen unless, number one, we get the opportunity to claim nabby...and number two that you can convince me that you'll convince nabby to report to the sabres...

cr:  have you talked to those teams about this?

dr:  ummmmm...for the us gm's think alike and i think they're smart enough to figure it out

cr: that what garth (snow) was planning on?...

dr:  you're interupting...anyway...that's neither here nor on board?

cr:  i don't know, darce...i'm still pretty ticked that i'm not gettin' playin' time

dr:  you know, if i pull a package deal with you, i'll need to showcase you as well...we got games vs. the thrash, the sens and...get this (big smile, wink and a nudge)...detroit! end the month...right before the deadline....

cr:  (sheer joy gives way to darkened skeptisim)...are you sure the big guys want you to do this?

dr:  yup

cr:  you know, i really can't see you doing this on your own...i mean just look at the last three...

dr:  stop...

cr:  deadlines...there was...

dr:  stop it...i on board?

cr:  you sure you can get this done?

dr:  yup...but we gotta bring nabby on board first...

cr:  and you'll promise me i'll go to a contender?

dr:  no promises...if not you get to eat hot dogs and pound slurpees in the pressbox for the rest of the year...for $3.5m

cr:  hey...i told made the trade

dr:  yeah...i know...just havin' a little fun

cr:  you know, i'm a proffessional...i want to play...i don't know if i can sit on the sideline and watch the rest of the season..i get itchy...really want to punch someone, ya know?

dr:  not really...i never wanted to punch anyone, except for maybe kevin lowe...but he's a tough cookie...too tough for my first fight...anyway...tell ya what...if i can't package you...i'll give you a personal assistant to guide get you through the inactivity and any guilt you may have...and if you fell the urge, i won't say anything if you happen to...ummmm...take out your frustration on him...and i'm paying for it....

cr:  oh, yeah?

dr:  yeah...i gotta a true veteran of that situation--tim connolly

cr:  (rubs chin)...yup...that works

dr:  deal?


  1. lol

    your out of control

  2. Very insightful.............LOL

  3. Very entertaining... lol

  4. I would rather pay $5 to read this stuff every month then the hundreds of dollars Sabre fans paid to see that crap on the ice friday.

    By the way, I read this

  5. glad to be of service, gents

    : )

  6. Friggin' RIOT Boos !

    Quite entertaining.. Question though... How did you get a copy of the transcript of their actual conversation ???