Thursday, January 27, 2011

at the all-star break, the january schedule comes to a close...

the sabres did manage to hang with the leaders of the northeast division--boston and montreal...both of those teams had a strong month and solidified their spots in the eastern conference top-eight...

for their part, the sabres also did very well going 8-3-1...although they lost ground on the bruins (8-4-2,) they did inch closer to the habs (6-2-3) who presently hold down the #7 spot in the eastern conference...

among the highlights for the month, the sabres beat division leading bruins twice (once in ot) and the habs once (in ot)...they also snared five of six points on a western road trip to open the month...

on the downside, the talent-disparity between the philadelphia flyers and the sabres was evident as the fly-boys toyed with the good-guys before putting them away 5-2...the sabres also posted two clunkers vs. the ny islanders (14th in the conference)...

the northeast division standings (as of january, 1):

  • boston--45 points
  • montreal--44
  • ottawa--37
  • buffalo--34
the northeast as of january 27:
  • boston--63
  • montreal--59
  • buffalo--51
  • toronto--43
  • ottawa--42

the mediocre play of southeast teams, atlanta, carolina and florida allowed the sabres to inch back into the eastern conference bubble-team mix:
  • atlanta (now 8th in the conference) went 4-4-3 
  • carolina (9th) gained one point on the sabres going 8-4-2
  • florida (11th) completed a very busy month compiling a 6-5-3 record

slowwwwwwwly they turned, step by step, inch by...inch...


  1. solid as always

    back to pimping your site

  2. Thanks Boos.

    If things trend the same going forward, Boston is out of the question and maybe Montreal. I think Carolina will jump up. I'm hoping Atl and the Rag's fall back to to their usual place in the bottom of the conference..

    Still gotta pick up the pace and get lucky.

  3. boston, and the n.e. division, is seemingly out of reach, although not definitively out of reach because anything can happen (see savard)...

    will be looking forward early next week (after looking back the next few days,) but upon quick glance, the schedule looks to be somewhat promising for the sabres in february...

    march looks to be a beast, though...

    and, as always, thanx for your support team buzzard

    : )