Friday, March 11, 2011

terry pegula's mandate comes to life

the buffalo sabres returned home for practice today after being on the road for six games
and were greeted by this plaque and a new rug:

pretty simple, yet striking


cool quotes from sabres president, ted black, on the changes and the dedication to the fan experience (from jon vogl, buffalo news):

"We really tried to work hard these last two weeks [during the sabres road-trip] because we do want to make sure that we show some actions behind our words, that the Sabres are a first-class organization and we are hockey heaven,"

"We're committed to being slug-free by the beginning of next year. The real important part of this process is we're engaging the fans. We're listening, and we're doing something."

"Terry actually coined the phrase, he said it's going to be the 'French Reconnection.' That doesn't just extend to those three special alumni. It's all players." (former sabre dominik hasek will be a guest on march 19)


  1. Solid !!!!!!!!!! Go Buffs !!!!!!

  2. yeah, right on, gil...

    love the way this team is playing right now...soooooo...unsabre-like...

    bravo terry, bravo...