Tuesday, March 8, 2011

road warrior

and you all thought the sabres were on a long road-trip...

forward brad boyes was traded to buffalo on february 27 as his st louis blues were in calgary finishing off a three-game western road trip...as of right now boyes is looking at a 10-game, coast-to-coast road trip...

in addition, lindy ruff pointed out today that he has played 11 games in 17 days beginning with buffalo...here's how it plays out:

february 18 @ buffalo
february 19 vs. anaheim
---off day---
february 21 vs. chicago
february 22 vs. colorado
---off day/travel day---
february 24 @ vancouver
february 25 @ edmonton
---off day, travel day---
february 27 @ calgary

---traded to buffalo---

---off day, travel from calgary to ny---
march 1 @ ny rangers
---off day, travel day---
march 3 @ carolina
---off day, travel day---
march 5 @ philadelphia
march 6 @ minnesota
---off day, travel day---
---the rest of the road trip---
march 8 @ pittsburgh
---off day, travel day---
march 10 @ boston
---off day, travel day---
march 12 @ toronto
march 13 vs. ottawa
---off day---
march 15 vs. carolina

when all's said and done, boyes will have played 16 games in 26 days and will have gone on back-to-back/coast-to-coast road trips totaling 10 consecutive games...he will have played five sets of back-to-backs and will have had a grand total of two days off without travel involved...

good thing he's 28 yrs. old and in his prime...

oh, and did i mention that not only did he change teams in the process, as of late he's changed positions having been placed at center due to a rash of injuries?

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