Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"meh" month of november for the sabres

the buffalo sabres really needed to get a couple more wins in november to off-set the nightmare that was october where they went 3-7-2...they ended up going 6-6-1 for the month...better, but still not good enough

when gm darcy regier was asked a week and a half ago if he thought that this team was a playoff team he said, "yes, i do"...well, the team is on a pace for less than 90 points which is probably the low-end of the projected cut-off point...but, as long as the gm thinks that, then...(aye, yaye yaye)

anyhow, this group heads into december playing better overall hockey with three more wins than the previous month...not to mention that there could be a new owner by the end of the month/year in terry pegula...

regardless, this is where the team stands as of today, with the previous months standings preceding:

wins: 3, tied for last (njd, phx, edm)------9 (26th)

points: 8, tied for second last (edm, fla)-------21 (25th)
eastern conference: 14th-------11th
n.e. div: 5th------4th

goals/game: 2.50 (22nd)...(#1, tampa, 3.50)-------2.40 (25th)...(#1, col, 3.52)
goals against/game: 3.17 (23rd)...(bos, 1.38)-------2.92 (23rd, tied, anaheim)...(mtl, 1.96)
shots/game: 33.2 (5th)...(sjs, 35.6)-------32.7 (4th, tied, chicago)...(sjs, 35.6)
shots against/game: 28.5 (10th)...(stl, 25.8)-------29.4 (11th)...(stl, 26.8)

powerplay: 13.0% (20th)...(sjs, 31.8)-------13.4% (26th)...(van, 29.3)
penalty kill: 74.5% (27th)...(bos, 93.1)-------81.6% (20th)...(pit, 90.5)
faceoffs: 47.5% (27th)...(sjs, 56.4)-------47.9% (27th)...(van, 56.9)

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