Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a few quick thoughts incl. stevie "tweetman" johnson and terry pegula

random thoughts during a long break between sabres games, or, short stories as opposed to my "war and peace" blog on ryan fitzpatrick:

--stevie johnson, "God, karma and tweets"...
  • "I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO"...God?...really?...dude, job never did that and look what he went through...re-read your bible...

  • "why so serious?" stevie...maybe you should consider "the drop" as karma...you made your "statement" and this is the price you pay...not that it's a bad thing in the grand scheme of things...take it for what it is, it's life saying, "you're not quite ready for superstardom, you're young and you still have alot to learn. we can't make it too easy on you, can we?"...

  • btw...didn't mama ever tell you to "think before you tweet?"...just curious


buffalo sabres owner
tom golisano
tom golisano selling the sabres?...the rumor mill has been heating up concerning this and bucky gleason of the buffalo news fuels the fire of speculation...

some thoughts on billionaire terry pegula ponying up some serious cheese to purchase the sabres:

terry pegula
future buffalo sabres owner?
first off, thanx to big tom for saving the buffalo sabres and, most importantly, not selling to anyone (read, jim balsille) who would move the franchise out of buffalo, no matter what the price

golisano, along with minority owners larry quinn and dan dipofi, will be all smiles after pocketing a solid return on their 2003 investment...good for them and they should be commended for a viable business model for the sabres

pegula is passionate about hockey, unlike golisano (no disrespect intended,) having gotten hooked by the "broadstreet bullies" of the mid-seventies, "It was the Philadelphia Flyers' style of play that got me into it," he once said...this should be happy news for sabres fans who are tired of the team that darcy regier built, a soft-but-skilled team that is considered one of the easiest to play against in the league...

  • word has it that the sale, if it happens it would be completed around march, 2011...could we push it up a month?...so that his philosophy and cash-backed passion can influence a trade-deadline acquisition or two?

since posting this some two-plus hours ago there have been some interesting developments in this story...ken campbell of the hockey news said that terry pegula has signed a letter of intent to buy the buffalo sabres for $150m...one hour later, larry quinn and the buffalo sabres stated in a press release that, "The report that a $150 million letter of intent has been signed is simply not true.”

wgr released a special report interviewing the hockey news ken campbell saying that the sale could be done quickly--within the next couple of months--and that bettman and the board of governors should easily approve this because pegula is passionate about hockey and because there are much worse ownership problems...
should be a very interesting day...or two...or more...if true, i really hope that the sides can finalize it asap, well before the trade deadline...


back to the bills, briefly...the season is heading towards the home-stretch with the draft still far off, but game-changers outside of stanford quarterback andrew luck and a pair of corners seem to be non-existent...a pick worth looking at:
  • with weakness at the offensive tackle position, maybe the bills should look at boston college behemoth tackle anthony castonzo...the 6'7", 307-pounder is projected as a right tackle in the nfl and, btw, shut down highly touted clemson defensive-end da'quan bowers head-to-head in a 16-10 win for the eagles...

good news for the sabres and their place in the standings...three teams ahead of the 11th place sabres, the ny rangers (6th, eastern conference,) carolina hurricanes (9th) and ottawa sens (10th,) all lost last night...file it in the "for what it's worth department"

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