Sunday, May 13, 2018

Impressions of, and questions concerning--F, Jordan Nolan

Forward--Jordan Nolan
DOB:  June 23, 1989 (Age, 29)
Draft:  2009, 7th round (186th), LAK
How acquired:  Wavier claim, September 27, 2017
Last contract signed:  February 24, 2015, 3yr./$2.85 million
Final year of contract:  2017-18

2017-18 Stats:  69 games played | 4 goals | 4 assists | 8 points | -13 | 9:48 ATOI

Buffalo Career Stats:  69 games | 4 goals | 4 assists | 8 points | -13 | 9:48 ATOI

What we wrote preseason:  N/A

What we wrote mid-season:  One of Nolan's biggest contributions this year is calling out his teammates after a loss to the Minnesota Wild on November 22. "We need to turn the page here and start holding each other accountable, I think," said Nolan after the loss, “It’s the little things. That’s what I learned coming into the league. And I think we are missing that a little bit in this room. But guys are young and I think they need to be told.” It didn't translate into immediate results, but the point eventually got through. Nolan is one of two players on the team with a Stanley Cup ring.

Impressions on his play this year:  There's a reason why the Kings waived Nolan, but Jason Botterill put in the claim saying, "His size and speed, along with his experience with such a successful organization like the Kings, make him an asset to the organization." Most of the time it was painful to watch him on the ice and he wasn't as rugged as many anticipated he would be. Those words spoken by Nolan back in November rang true throughout the season as many players said the same things at locker cleanout. If this was 2014, the Nolan claim would probably have borne much better results.

Questions moving forward:  None.

Contract info via CapFriendly, stats via and hockey

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