Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Cal Petersen situation.

Published by 4-7-2017

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish exited the NCAA's Frozen Four late last night after the Denver Pioneers steamrolled them 6-1. Buffalo Sabres prospect Cal Petersen (2013, 129th-overall) was in net for the Irish, as he has been for 90 consecutive Notre Dame games, and got shelled. Truth be known, Petersen didn't have much of a chance vs. the Denver as the Pioneers overwhelmed the Irish for much of the game.

With that loss and the completion of his junior season, the intrigue concerning Petersen and his future now begins. After three strong seasons in net for Notre Dame and definitive growth shown along the way, the 6'3" 190 lb. Waterloo, Iowa native has done everything in his college career except bring home a national championship for the Irish so there's a good possibility he's ready to turn pro.

Buffalo holds Petersen's rights, but according to Kris Baker of sabresprospects/, after consulting with those familiar with the NHL/NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, June 1 is D-Day for Petersen. Here's his explanation via his appearance on WGR550's Shopp and the Bulldog yesterday.

"The CBA says that this is the fourth June 1st when he was drafted in 2013. It's about the year you were drafted in so 2017 would be four June ones. By the CBA, Section 8.6, if the Sabres don't have him locked up by June 1st, he's free to shop his services."

Here's the legalese Baker mentioned in Section 8.6:

(iv) If a Player drafted at age 18 or 19, who had received a Bona Fide Offer in accordance with Section 8.6(a)(ii) above, becomes a bona fide college student prior to the second June 1 following his selection in the Entry Draft and does not remain a bona fide college student through the graduation of his college class, his drafting Club shall retain exclusive rights for the negotiation of his services until the fourth June 1 following his selection in the Entry Draft.
Let's hope we come out on the good side of this one.

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