Friday, August 5, 2016

The Evander Kane saga continues plus....

Attorney Paul Cambria has his hands full with yet another Kane as client Evander is getting hit by a civil suit.

Not long after pleading not guilty to charges stemming from a draft-week incident at a club in downtown Buffalo (he returns to court in September,) it would seem as if an incident that was thought to be over has come back.

According to reports Kane is now being sued by a woman for injuries she said were incurred back in December stemming from an incident at a hotel. "The woman claims Kane assaulted her and caused physical injuries that forced her to undergo surgery. She alleged he caused her serious emotional distress," according to the Buffalo News.

Cambria and partner James T. Scime are filing a countersuit on behalf of Kane for false claims. Back in March the charges for the December 26 incident were dropped.

Back in 2015 Cambria was defending another Kane, Patrick, the Buffalo native who plays for the Chicago Blackhawk. Patrick Kane was charged with sexual assault but the case was dismissed by Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita.

Not sure what it is with Kane's and Buffalo, but they don't seem to be mixing all that well.


With Kane in the news and rumors of his impending departure starting to swell, should the Sabres end up trading the troubled winger, they'll have a pretty big hole to fill on the left side.

As of right now Kane is the team's top LW. Last season Zemgus Girgensons was shifted from center to left wing and played quite a bit on the second line. Marcus Foligno occupied the third-line LW while Nic Deslauriers played most of the season in that fourth-line role.

Even if Jimmy Vesey does sign with the club, the college free agent is still unproven. Going from amateur directly to the pros is a huge leap and there are very few who can do it no matter what their ages. Ideally, Vesey signs, is in a second-line LW role behind Kane and Girgensons moves to third-line center, where he would probably thrive at this point in his young career.

But now that the Chicago Blackhawks are fully in the Vesey mix, the chances of him signing in Buffalo have diminished considerably. Take Kane out of the equation and there are now two openings in the top six at left wing. Rumors of Buffalo landing NY Rangers winger Rick Nash have been swirling for a while and he'd aptly fill that top-line role but he carries a steep cap-hit.

August 15th is the big day as Vesey becomes a free agent. His list of teams is short and there's a possibility he could end up somewhere else. Kane, in the meantime, will probably be sitting down with  the Sabres brass talking about his past and how it affects his future. We're not sure if GM Tim Murray will give him any more chances or even if he deserves any, but the Sabres will need to make a decision pretty quick if they want to keep this rebuild moving along briskly.


For what it's worth, the political landscape keeps getting weirder and weirder as it seems to be barreling head-long to the depths of third-world politics.

Russia has been in the news lately and for some reason they've been hitting my other blog site pretty hard. It's not like I get a lot of hits at buffalosabresnow but there are patterns that have emerged over the last six years. Normally the U.S. is where all the action comes from representing about 50% of hits to this point with Canada and Europe accounting for another 10-15% or so, respectively.

Last month, however, the Ruskies have been picking up their game accounting for a staggering 67% of hits last month while the U.S. was responsible for roughly 20%.

Not sure why all of a sudden a hockey website has been of such interest to Mother Russia, but they're hitting it hard.

Oh, and by the way. Has anyone ever heard of Mauritius?

It's an island nation east of Madagascar on the southern tip of Africa. The tiny nation of just over a million people accounted for 3% of my hits last month.


Who knows? Perhaps there was a hockey fan who was just killing time while lying on the beaches wondering how Mark Twain found this little island. Twain is quoted as saying, "'Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius."

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