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2015-16 Individual Stats--February

Reprinted with permission from hockeybuzz.com

Although the attention of the hockey world is focused upon today's 3 P.M. trade deadline, there's usually some time before the West Coast offices wake up and things really heat up in the trade market.

The Sabres played some hockey last month to the tune of an up and down 5-5-3 record. Individually there were the usual suspects hitting the scoresheet with a trade as well as a significant injury thrown in for good measure. The familiar names leading the point procession are there, but how they arrived at them is interesting to note.

For instance, as usual, Ryan O'Reilly always appears in the points-leader category and it's no different this time. But what's different is how the team leader in points got there. For the month of February O'Reilly lead the team in points with nine and all of them came from assists with five of them being primary, which lead the team also. No goals for O'Reilly, who lead the team in that category up until this month was rather unusual and it will be a while until he can rectify that situation as he'll be out at least another week or two with a lower body injury.

Carrying the weight in the goal-scoring department was Evander Kane and Sam Reinhart. Kane in particular is really starting to heat up as his nine goals in the last two months coupled with O'Reilly's drought has the two tied for second on the team with 17, one behind Reinhart.

That Reinhart is leading the team in goal-scoring is particularly surprising considering he was drafted more as a playmaker. But in a tribute to the extra work he's put in (mostly with O'Reilly) with some help from the position head coach Dan Bylsma puts the 20 yr. old in, Reinhart shot to the top of the goal-scoring list for Buffalo with 18 on the year, which, by the way, is third in the league amongst rookies.

Of note in the production department is Marcus Foligno who's four goals tied him with Jamie McGinn for third place behind the leaders.

There were plenty of contributors on the team as 16 players registered primary assists this month. O'Reilly lead with five while Zemgus Girgensons, Rasmus Ristolainen and Mark Pysyk had three each. There were another six players with two primary assists last month and another seven who had one each.

For all the grief that was shown young d-men Jake McCabe and Pysyk, both of them acquitted themselves well in the plus/minus department as McCabe lead the team with a +4. Although Pysyk didn't hit the leaderboard, he chimed in with a surprising +1 on the month.

On the lower end of the plus/minus scale were Eichel, Matt Moulson and Nicolas Deslauriers who came in at a -4.

In goal, Robin Lehner and Chad Johnson were all about overall consistency as their stat-line barely moved.

There are plenty of names being thrown around right now in trade scenarios as this time of year represents heightened expectations amongst fans yet is dreaded by the players.

Here are a few Sabres players that might be on the move today and their stat-lines:

F, Jamie McGinn:  63 games played, 27 points, 14 goals, 13 assists, -10
F, David Legwand:  60gp, 12p, 5g, 7a, -3
D, Carlo Colaiacovo:  24gp, 4p, 0g, 4a, -6
G, Chad Johnson:  14-14-3, 2.45 goals-against average, .917 save percentage 1 shutout

Buffalo Sabres Individual Stats:

--October: Ryan O'Reilly, 12; Tyler Ennis, Matt Moulson, Rasmus Ristolainen, Cody Franson, 5
--November: Ristolainen, 9; Jack Eichel, 8; O'Reilly, 6
--December: Evander Kane, O'Reilly, 14; Eichel, Ristolainen, 11
--January:  Eichel, 11;  O'Reilly, 7;  Kane, Ristolainen, 6
--February:  O'Reilly, 9;  Reinhart, 8;  Eichel, Kane, 7

--October: O'Reilly, Eichel, 4; Ennis, Moulson, 3
--November: Sam Reinhart, 5; Eichel, O'Reilly, 4
--December: O'Reilly, 7; Kane, 6; Jamie McGinn, 4
--January:  Eichel, 5;  Reinhart, 4;  Kane 3
--February:  Kane, Reinhart, 6; McGinn, Marcus Foligno, 4

  Powerplay Goals
--October: O'Reilly, 3; Eichel, Ennis, 2
--November: Reinhart, 2; Eichel, O'Reilly, McGinn, Ristolainen, 1
--December: O'Reilly, Ristolainen, 2; Kane, Zemgus Girgensons, McGinn, 1
--January:  Eichel, 3;  Reinhart, 2;  Kane, O'Reilly, McGinn, Franson, 1
--February:  McGinn, Reinhart, 2;  Gionta, Bogosian, 1

--October: O'Reilly, 9; Franson, 5; Marcus Foligno, Ristolainen, 4
--November: Ristolainen, 6; Ennis, 5; Eichel, Moulson, David Legwand, 4
--December: Eichel, Ristolainen, 8; O'Reilly, 7
--January:  Eichel, 6;  O'Reilly, Ristolainen, 5
--Assists:  O'Reilly, 9;  Eichel, 6;  Girgensons, Ristolainen, 4

  Primary Assists
--October: O'Reilly, 5; Foligno, Reinhart, Franson, 3
--November: Ristolainen, 4; Moulson, 3; Eichel, O'Reilly, Legwand, Franson, 2
--December: Eichel, 7; O'Reilly, 5; Reinhart, Ristolainen, 3
--January:  Eichel, 5;   Ristolainen, 4;  Brian Gionta, 2
--February:  O'Reilly, 5;  Girgensons, Ristolainen, Pysyk, 3

  Powerplay Assists
--October: O'Reilly 4, Franson, 3 Kane, Gionta, Foligno, Ristolainen, 2
--November: Franson, 3; Ennis, 2; Eichel, O'Reilly, Moulson, Gionta, Legwand, Ristolainen, 1
--December: O'Reilly, Ristolainen, 3; seven players with one each
--January:  Eichel, Ristolainen, 4;  O'Reilly, 2
--February:  Eichel, Ristolainen, 3;  O'Reilly, 2

--October: Moulson, Reinhart, Johan Larsson, Tim Schaller, Girgensons, 0
--November: Legwand, Josh Gorges, +4; McGinn, Foligno, Carlo Colaiacovo, +3
--December: Mike Weber, +5, Cody Franson, +4; McGinn, +2
--January:  Moulson, Schaller +2;  Gorges, Weber, +1
--February:  McCabe, +4;  Gionta, Foligno, +3

  Plus/Minus (Bottom)
--October: McGinn, Eichel, -6; Kane, Ristolainen, Franson, -5
--November: Ennis, -6; Larsson, -3; Girgensons, Brian Gionta, Zach Bogosian, Jake McCabe, -1
--December: Gorges, -5; Nic Deslauriers, Bogosian, Colaiacovo, -4
--January:  O'Reilly, -14;  McGinn, -10;  Bogosian, -9
--February:  Eichel, Moulson, Deslauriers, -4; Ristolainen, -3

  Goalies (year to date)

Robin Lehner
--October: 0-0-0; 2.18 gaa; .917 sv.%; 0 shutouts (note: was injured in game-one)
--November: injured, no games played
--December: injured, no games played
--January:  1-3-0;  2.26;  .936;  0
--February:  4-7-2;  2.32; .931; 1

  Chad Johnson
--October: 3-6-0; 3.16; .881; 0 shutouts
--November: 6-7-1; 2.37; .913; 0
--December: 10-10-2; 2.41; .917; 1
--January:  12-13-3;  2.45;  .917;  1
--February:  14-14-3; 2.45;  .917; 1

  Linus Ullmark
--October: 1-1-0; 2.55; .911; 0 shutouts
--November: 4-5-1; 2.50; .916; 0
--December: 5-9-2; 2.56; .914; 0
--January:  7-10-2;  2.58;  .915;  0
--February:  no games

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