Monday, November 19, 2012

The "Savior"

Yup. That's what I heard on WGR this morning.

Sal Capaccio, subbing for Jeremy White, used that word when talking about Syracuse QB prospect Ryan Nassib. Capaccio said that Nassib may not be "the savior," but a quarterback to develop over the course of two or three seasons. Really? You're looking for a "savior?"

He also used the term "prototypical size." At 6'2", 230, Nassib has excellent size, although, according to Capaccio, he's one inch shorter than "prototypical."



Those two terms--savior and prototypical--are the weights that will keep this franchise stuck in perpetual mediocrity.

Waiting for and/or hoping for and/or expecting "the savior" is a thought-process that runs throughout Bills-nation. It's the "damsel in distress" syndrome where they think that their straights are so dire and their suffering so long and hard, that somehow they deserve a "savior." It's a bunch of crap coming out of a loser-mentality that has gone on far too long.

Remember? Buffalo fans threw Drew Bledsoe a parade when he came over from New England--"all hail the savior!"


As for "prototypical?" Exactly what does that mean? The physical aspects of a prospect which, with the proper growth-cycle and attributes, can be enhanced by workouts to achieve the "specimen."

Aaron Maybin anyone?

The Bills, plain and simple, need more "football players." More guys like Eric Wood, Kyle Williams and the emerging Kyle Moore. More guys like we saw last night in the Baltimore/Pittsburgh game. More men you'd like to be in an alley fight with.

The Bills don't need a "savior." They don't need more "specimens."

What they need is a group of players that will look at Sissyphus' boulder and will do everything in their power, both individually and collectively, to push the damn thing over the top.

Got it?

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