Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Hockey News offers analysis of the Sabres. Plus, "the call"

Just when the 2012/13 hockey season starts is yet to be determined as the NHL and NHLPA have yet to resume negotiations. They met yesterday to discuss HRR from last season and formal talks for the new CBA aren't set to resume until Friday.

In lieu of that, unless you're discussing Detroit VP Jimmy Devellano's recent comments or the appearance of Edmonton's owner and upper management in Seattle, there's really not a lot going on in the hockey world.

But THN must trudge on with hockey coverage and today the looked at the Buffalo Sabres and how they shape up.

They predictably go directly to new owner Terry Pegula, his green light to GM Darcy Regier concerning free agents, the failure to make the playoffs despite the lucrative deals, and finally to the status of Regier and Coach Lindy Ruff.

With Regier and Ruff seemingly secure in their postilions for now, they turn their attention to the roster.

Mention was made concerning off season moves including the toughening of the team by the trade of Derek Roy for gritty Steve Ott, the re-signing Patrick Kaleta, and the signing of tough-guy John Scott.

Fittingly they delve into the roster on the back-end where the blue line was undermined by injuries to defensemen Christian Ehrhoff and Tyler Myers last season. They point out that the team was a very healty 30-14-3 with both in the line up, an underwhelming 9-18-8 with either one or both out of the line up. This, I might add, may be the sole reason why they missed the playoffs last season.

About the only thing concerning this article the Sabres fans don't already know is that Steve Ott is a center.

Throughout the article they call him a center when he has previously said that he played very little at the pivot, only taking faceoffs a good portion of the time.


Just had to get that out.


I watched the Green Bay/Seattle game last night and was dumbfounded as to how they ruled the final play a catch.

The best line I've read concerning that was a tweet that said [Seattle] QB Russell Wilson may be the only player in the history of the NFL to throw a game-winning interception for his team.

I've read quite a few articles on the final play and have yet to hear anyone say the referee #26 blew the call because of this:

As he ran towards the scramble, he had no idea what to do. He wanted to be in on the play and wanted to be a part of the call. But, he had no idea what was going on.

IMO, he jumped the gun in anticipation of the other official raising his arm signaling a touchdown. Only the other official was to rule just the opposite.

That's the only explanation I can come up with.

Still not sure how the touchdown call from ref #26 got the nod over a simultaneous and contradictory time out/touchback call from the other official.

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