Thursday, February 3, 2011

what she said

the late seymour knox III drops the
ceremonial first puck
oct 15, 1970
 "My late husband would be so excited to know there is an individual who is going to appreciate having the Buffalo Sabres and do something wonderful for the city of Buffalo at the same time," says Jean Knox, widow of the late seymour knox III...(via wben website)

yeah...what she said...much appreciation to big tom golisano for grabbin' his wallet and plunkin' down all those millions to buy the sabres...he kept the team out of the hands of mark hammister and his smoke and mirror/government-welfare finances...he got the team on pretty solid financial footing....and, although he reportedly had the team for sale since 2006, he waited for a buyer who would appreciate having the buffalo sabres...

thx big tom...there are alot of beefs, but in the grand scheme of things, the sabres, because of your due diligence, may have themselves an owner who, in the words of jean knox,  "has the roots Seymour himself had and that's important."

thx also to larry quinn who lobbied big tom to step in and pony up the cash...alas...good-bye, larry quinn, with your lobbying expertise, snake-oil salesmanship, underhandedness, secrecy and hubristic detachment from everyday buffalonians, you'd be a perfect fit in washington d.c...


pretty good 40th anniversary present for sabres fans


  1. peggy is here

    in time Ruff will be locked up.

    all is well in 2 years

  2. Yeah, I'm guilty of kicking Larry around too and placing blame first but the fact remains that without the weasel the franchise may very well not even be here.

    I'm still glad he's out of the affairs and can't wait for Mr. P to grab the wheel.

  3. yup, big tom and larry are gone...

    according to the buckster, dan dipofi will remain and may even get an extension...and it looks as if darcy regier will remain at least until the end of the season

  4. don't know about ruff, he's in command of his own destiny...good move not re-signing just yet