Sunday, October 31, 2010

october's horror

forget the classics like halloween, night of the living dead, the shining or nosferatu, tonight as you try to put a little fright into this halloween, watch a replay of last night's shutout loss in dallas...or, you can go back to the 6-3 loss at the hands of philly...or how about the game two clunker vs. the ny rangers...maybe the entire season thusfar can all be encapsulated in one play last night by tyler myers where he got his pocket picked on the pp, got it back, tried to do too much, got his pocket picked again, gave up on the play, and was too late on the back-check as his man scored a short-handed goal...this was not the tyler myers we saw last season...nor is this the team that started out last year on fire, eventually winning the n.e. div...

those who predicted an epic fail by this season's team are prancing with chests puffed full, snarky "i told you so's" bellowing from their proud lungs...those who predicted an extension of last season's team and an equal, if not slightly stronger run this season are choking with embarassment...(shrugs)...fine...

regardless of anyones opinion, these are the facts for the sabres as they gladly say goodbye to october:

wins:  3, tied for last (njd, phx, edm)
points:  8, tied for second last (edm, fla)
eastern conference:  14th
n.e. div:  5th

goals/game:  2.50 (22nd)...(#1, tampa, 3.50)
goals against/game:  3.17 (23rd)...(bos, 1.38)
shots/game:  33.2 (5th)...(sjs, 35.6)
shots against/game:  28.5 (10th)...(stl, 25.8)

powerplay:  13.0% (20th)...(sjs, 31.8)
penalty kill:  74.5% (27th)...(bos, 93.1)

faceoffs:  47.5% (27th)...(sjs, 56.4)

there's plenty of time for analysis the next few days as the sabres return to the ice against boston on wed.

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